Conference Review

2018 International Health Humanities Consortium Conference,Stanford: A snapshot and two questions (Review by Emily Troscianko,University of Oxford)

In late April,the 2018 International Health Humanities Consortium Conference happened in the palm-treed glamour of the Stanford Medical School.It was my first major medical/health humanities conference,and I was really encouraged to see how much is happening in this field in the US.There were panel sessions introducingRead more…

Conference Review

Enthralling Interdisciplinarity at the Inaugural Congress of the NNMHR (blog post by Diana Beljaars,Cardiff University)

Diana Beljaars is PhD Researcher at the School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff University,and her project situates on the intersection of human geography,徳赢电子竞技medical humanities,health and disability geography,and the medical and clinical sciences of Tourette syndrome.Arriving in a beautiful late summer Durham,I made myRead more…

Conference Review

Interconnections and Interactions at the NNMHR Inaugural Congress (Blog post by Caitlin Stobie,University of Leeds)

Caitlin Stobie is a PhD candidate at the University of Leeds working on representations of abortion,embodiment,and agency in southern African fiction.She is a research intern on the AHRC-funded research network "The Risks of Childbirth in Historical Perspective" and co-director of the Leeds Animal Studies Network.On ThursdayRead more…

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