Seminars and Lectures

Reiki as Commodity: Dori Beeler (Seminar,达勒姆Thursday 21 May 2015)

Dr Dori Beeler,"Reiki as Commodity" The Centre for Humanities Engaging Science and Society (CHESS) Thursday 21 May,10.15am Philosophy Department,Durham University,seminar room,50/51 Old Elvet This article explores the concept of commodity and its meaning for Reiki practitioners in Britain.Reiki practice is a hands-on-healing method with spiritual foundationsRead more…

Seminars and Lectures

Intercultural communication between doctors and patients,a view from realist perspective (Seminar,Durham University,7 July 2014)

Emma Paternotte studied medicine at the Free University of Amsterdam.In 2011 she graduated and started working as a resident in obstetrics & gynecology in the Saint Lucas Andras hospital,a district teaching hospital with an ethnically diverse patient population.Emma's research focused on the communication between doctors of theRead more…

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