Seminars and Lectures

Understanding the relationships between Alcohol,other drugs and Sight Loss (Durham University,11th March 2015)

Dr Hannah Morgan is Lecturer in Disability Studies in the Department of Sociology and a member of the Centre for Disability Research (CeDR) at Lancaster University.This seminar will explore some of the preliminary findings of a project which is investigating the relationship between substance abuse and sight loss.Hannah'sRead more…

Seminars and Lectures

Men,masculinity and infertility – Alan Dolan (Seminar,Durham Queen's Campus,10 Dec 2014)

Men,masculinity and infertility: towards a theoretical understanding of men's experiences of infertility and its treatment Dr Alan Dolan (University of Warwick) Qualitative Health Research Group Seminar Wednesday 10th December,12-2 Ebsworth Building,D013,Queen's Campus,Durham University Please reply to Jackie Pankhurst to confirm your attendance.In In theRead more…

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