Conference Review

On Knowledge in the 徳赢电子竞技Medical Humanities: Reflections from the Association of Medical Humanities Conference in Sofia,Bulgaria (27-29 June,2018)

Maryam Golafshani writes: Last week I attended the Association of 徳赢电子竞技Medical Humanities' annual conference.The conference was hosted at the Medical University of Sofia,Bulgaria with the theme of ‘Shadows and Ashes' derived from the Roman poet Horace's famous description of humans as ‘pulvis et umbra sumus'.The conference openedRead more…


Doctoral Studentship: ‘Representing Communities: Developing the Creative Power of People to Improve Health and Well-being' at University of Leeds

A funding opportunity at the University of Leeds for someone wanting to do PhD research on how questions of community health and wellbeing interact with twentieth-century literary fictions.The doctoral researcher will conduct an in-depth study of health and wellbeing as they are conceptualised,contextualised and interrogated in contemporary (mid-lateRead more…

Arts in Health

The Lantern Parade: A Conversation (Invitation to participate,16-17 Jan 2014,Queen's Campus Durham University)

The Centre for 徳赢电子竞技Medical Humanities and The Institute for Advanced Studies,Durham University invite you to join THE LANTERN PARADE A Conversation 16-17 January 2014 Wolfson Research Institute for Health and Wellbeing Queen's Campus,Stockton-on-Tees The lantern parade is an occasion to view a community in another light.Sometimes itRead more…

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